Inspired by exquisite elements, cultivated and aberrantly found in numerous travels across the globe that a French designer Quinto Belle, created his Collection.

A tribute to his long experience in the art and fashion industry, he created a jewelry brand that he describes as a hybrid of sophistication and ethereality. With that aim, he explores original aggregations of 20K golden metals with bones, horns as well as precious silk and satin materials found in remote regions. The accumulating drive to be peculiar on details of color and light on the materials, plus his so-called “juxtaposition illusion”, truly give his collection a contemporary and entrancing touch that makes Quinto Belle truly original.

Each piece is handcrafted and itemized through artisanal techniques. Techniques that are both discovered and rediscovered, giving each piece the status of a one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Quinto Belle is additionally proud to be a part of a philanthropic initiative alongside Babachic Beads in using parts of the profits to finance educational projects in developing nations starting in Benares, India.